Software “engineers” who make electron apps and only know JS and Python won’t survive the Kali Yuga. u must understand the system in its entirety, from the p-n junction to the SVM. how do u call urself “wired” but don’t know how the data link layer works?

Engineering hardware is more difficult than writing software: electrons obey the laws of God, not of man. One who is given the tools of computing without true understanding will take them for granted and misuse them; such a top-down approach gives rise to the loathsome enterprise Java application. Only by working from the ground up—wave mechanics, Maxwell’s equations, linear circuits, thermodynamics, semiconductor devices, analog design, digital design, FPGAs, computer architecture, machine code, assembly, higher-level languages, compilers, data structures, algorithms, information theory, operating systems, cryptography, networking, machine learning—can one hope to understand our machines, and understand what is wrong with them today.

XDB-333 Open-Source Analog Bass Synthesizer
RFIDCAP Pocket RFID Card Reader and Emulator
HYMNGEN Portable and durable hymn-generation device
BURZUM Miniature full-featured analog function generator
HOMESTEAD Open-source, modular, and privacy-focused smart home hub
HOMESTEAD.AQMON Air quality monitor module for HOMESTEAD